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Lande brings people together

Our designer furniture enables you to create inviting settings anywhere you like. Settings where people can inspire each other, where they’re free to be creative, where they can get hands-on, and where they can unwind and relax. Pleasant, safe, and fully in line with your company’s style and culture: these are ideal settings that enable people to reach their full potential.

Lande brings people together during meetings, brainstorming sessions, consultations, and presentations. We provide a solution that works for you, always offering you fresh inspiration for your project development and ensuring our signature flexibility if there are changes or design modifications. Whatever your challenge, we’re here to create the perfect solution for you too!

Flexible and agile approach

Our flexible, agile approach is our hallmark. Working with you, we arrive at the perfect end result. We take your contract design brief and transform it into a creative, functional, and inspiring solution. Every step of the way, we do our utmost to respond flexibly to your requirements and will always come up with a solution that works.

Quality-driven solutions

We work with you to come up with an inspired solution, delivering a setting where people bounce ideas off each other, where they’re free to be creative, where they can get hands-on, and where they can unwind and relax. We produce our furniture with painstaking attention to quality, and only the best materials make the grade.

Be inspired by our settings

Our focus is always on your requirements and challenges, and on the development of your employees. Our design ethos has eight distinctive settings: meetings, hospitality, dialogue, presentations, brainstorming, concentration, productivity, and play. Would you like to see how this plays out in our collection?

For the next generation

As a progressive Dutch family business with a rich history, Lande does everything in its power to minimize the impact of our activities, products, and services on the environment. Being attentive to and caring for the interests of future generations is very important to us as a family business.


About Lande Group

Lande Group is a family-owned furniture manufacturer based in North Brabant. Lande Group designs, manufactures, and sells furniture under four strong brand names: Artifort, Lande, Pörtner, and Zwaardvis.