Lande | Fabrikant projectmeubels voor projectinrichting

Always the right solution for you

Whether for a corporate or educational setting, or for a public space or hospitality venue: we work with you to find the right solution for any setting. Lande creates environments in which people flourish, and interpersonal connections thrive. Everything, in essence, that a space should be. Lande has everything in-house to support you during the entire process, from design and visualization to production.

Our collection of contract furniture is durable and sustainable, and produced entirely in-house. Lande’s finishing options, quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability are second to none: just ask our clients. We are proud of this reputation, and of our portfolio of completed projects. Take a look for some inspiration. If you’re keen to explore the options, please get in touch, and let’s brainstorm some ideas.


Office design
Offices are a place where products, spaces, people, and their networks intersect. This informs our designs, which are a carefully designed blend of corporate functionality and aesthetics.
In educational settings, it is important to create a space that is conducive to learning and working. A space where everybody feels at ease and is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Contract design for every concept, from staff canteen to company restaurant. We use our refreshingly original furniture to create the ultimate, complete experience for your guests. Want to know more about our projects?

Public spaces
Our products enable you to reimagine your expectations of a public space. Paying very close attention to every aspect of the product development process, from design and production, to long-term impact, we make sure that the end result is perfect for you.
Custom-made contract design

Looking for custom-made furniture for your contract design project? Our studio staff and interior builders design and produce custom furniture for every type of interior design. Lande can help you throughout the entire process, from the initial intake through to delivery and fitting.