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Interior design and advice

Good interior design starts with the selection of a concept, a specific feeling and look for an area. This is then followed by functionality and high-quality furniture that looks fantastic. The designs in the Lande collection can be created in an infinite number of varieties. This means that they can be customized precisely for your project.

Our interior design studio specializes in sustainable concepts for the hospitality industry, work environments, and public meeting spaces. We would gladly contribute ideas for interior design solutions and we will made 2D and 3D designs of these solutions for your customer. Alternatively, we would gladly work on only part of the project at your request. 

Our studio is here to help you

Lande works with you, producing a solution that fulfils your requirements as well as market demands. We have a full collection of contract furniture to suit a variety of settings, for every work environment and activity. Our studio is here to help you.


Be inspired

We have everything in-house to support you throughout the project development process. Whatever your challenge, no matter how big, we’re here to find solutions and work with you. For more inspiration, check out our online ‘Resetting’ magazines.


Sample book

Our sample book helps you choose from the wide range of finishing options for our collection of contract furniture. If you'd like a copy, request one now from


Lande is actively working toward a sustainable future. This aim permeates everything we do, each and every day. We produce our entire collection ourselves using only high-quality materials.


We would love to see you at our showroom in Schijndel. Come and be inspired by our settings for meetings, hospitality, dialogue, presentations, brainstorming, concentration, productivity and play.