In educational settings, it is important to create a space that is conducive to learning and working. A space where everybody feels at ease and is encouraged to fulfil their potential. Good design is about more than just the right products; the experience of students and teaching staff is also paramount.

Our collection of contract furniture is durable, sustainable, and produced entirely in-house. Lande’s finishing options, quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability are second to none: just ask our clients. We are proud of this reputation and of our portfolio of completed projects. Take a look for some inspiration. If you're keen to explore the options, please get in touch, and let’s brainstorm some ideas.

Commanderij College
Seatings are key in schools. For example for presentations, lessons or meetings. The experts at Lande have everything it takes to create a custom product completely to your liking. They now know all about that at Commandery College!
Nova College
In the new canteen we created different zones: for eating, meeting or relaxing. Each zone has its own furniture, precisely tailored to the use in that zone. Now the canteen is a nice place where students can have lunch, meet and work together.
At the Valuas College Venlo, the canteen, auditorium and library are furnished with Lande furniture. Our furniture turns out to be excellent as school furniture.