Multifunctional cabinet system

It's easy to choose with Fundamentals presets. Fundamentals is a multi-flexible and multifunctional cabinet system. Timeless as well as striking. Let your creativity run wild. With the presets you have many suggested options in format, the number of compartments, doors, shelves and functional built-in elements.

The Fun Elements from Fundamentals are functional built-in elements that give the cabinet system one or more functionalities. You can choose from the following components: panel with wardrobe hooks, panel for a presentation screen, magnetic whiteboard, cork board, upholstered pinboard and panel with paper roll. With the Fun Elements you can create a personal cabinet system that fits perfectly into your setting and application.

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Various choices presets

Fundamentals Basic: basic cabinet preset.
Fundamentals Basic Flex: fixed presets with two set-ups per cabinet preset.
Fundamentals Fun in 3 possibilities: 
Fundamentals Wardrobe: including panel with wardrobe hooks.
Fundamentals Brainstorm: including magnetic whiteboard, cork board (natural), upholstered pinboard (Camira Blazer) or panel with paper roll. 
Fundamentals Presentation: including panel for a presentation screen.

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Let's brainstorm

It's time for a reset. To share knowledge and ideas, to inspire and enthuse each other. As a starting point for project development, we are happy to share inspirational settings with you. Exactly what spaces demand. In edition of the Re-settings you will find all kind of inspiration. With plenty of room for presentations, concentration, discussions, meetings, brainstorms, relaxation and work. Feel free to challenge us, we see possibilities everywhere and are happy to think along with you.

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Many choices
With the presets you have many suggested choices in format, number compartments, doors, shelves and functional built-in elements.
More about Fundamentals
In the technical specification sheet you will find information about the specifications of the Fundamentals.
High-quality materials
A wide choice of high-quality materials, countless finishing options. At Lande you are guaranteed to find a creative, inspiring and functional solution of top quality.