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Lande furniture enables you to make offices and public spaces suitable for the new economy, fully matching the atmosphere and style of your organization. This demands a lot from everyone, including the workplace itself. We will need new interiors in order to comply with new social distancing norms (one and a half metres) and meet strict hygiene standards.

The office will be the place where employees meet their colleagues a few days a week and get a taste of the corporate culture. The other days, they’ll work at home. This requires the right furnishing, both at home and at the office. For example, rooms are needed in which colleagues can consult with home workers in a calm atmosphere. We can help you to adapt your offices to the guidelines of this new economy.

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It’s not easy to create a safe work or meeting room, and the required distance of one metre and a half is only the beginning. You need to indicate clear walking directions, with enough room for everyone. You need to keep people apart, without isolating them. You need to bring people together, but keep a distance at the same time. It’s an intriguing design challenge.

Every office or public space has its own layout, its own customs, and its own routing. That’s why every situation asks for a tailor-made solution: a practical and effective solution that feels natural and ensures everyone feels safe and at ease. We are eager to work with you to equip offices and public spaces, bringing them in line with the new guidelines. Be inspired by our example setups and our wide collection with countless possible finishes.


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We help you to quickly redecorate your working environment, ensuring compliance with safety rules while creating an inviting, homely space. Because we have our own production locations, we can respond quickly and easily – we have everything we need to support you throughout the entire project development process.
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At Lande, we actively work towards a sustainable future. As a family business, considering future generations is a natural part of everything we do. We produce our entire collection in-house, using only high-quality materials. Lasting for generations, our furniture is wear-resistant and always on trend.
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Lande is the project furniture brand that goes the extra mile. Lande has an extensive collection of concentration units, benches, chairs, cabinets and tables, and also offers custom furniture such as counters. Lande project furniture enables you to create the optimal working environment.
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Our furniture is available exclusively through our dealers. All our furniture can be viewed in our showroom in Schijndel.