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Custom-made contract design

Our custom-made approach means we always offer you a solution that's right for you. Customization starts with inspiration. So, to kick-start your project development process, we like to share a number of customized projects with you. Lande has everything in-house to support you during the entire process, from design and visualization to production. We are deeply committed to the process, taking a flexible, solution-focused, and inspiring approach in order to create the best solution for you.

Our collection of contract furniture is durable, sustainable, and produced entirely in-house. Lande’s finishing options, quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability are second to none: just ask our clients. We are proud of this reputation and of our portfolio of completed projects. Take a look for some inspiration. If you’re keen to explore the options, please get in touch, and let’s brainstorm some ideas.

Angro BV
Tailor-made pantry, complete with professional equipment for your office, canteen or company restaurant. Lande designs, produces and installs custom pantries. Your pantry is designed and produced entirely according to your wishes.
At the Valuascollege in Venlo, the canteen, auditorium and library are equipped with Lande furniture. Our furniture turns out to be excellent as school furniture.
At the Waterschap Scheldestromen in Goes it became company restaurant with Cheek standing tables, X-Ray bar stools and much more Lande furniture.