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Sustainable materials

At Lande, we have six production processes: upholstering, woodworking, metalworking, powder coating, spray coating, and foam moulding. As a progressive Dutch family business, we do everything in our power to minimize the impact of these processes on the environment.

Being attentive to and caring for the interests of future generations is very important to us as a family business. Want to know more about how we do this, and the materials we use? Read more here about our sustainable materials and processes.

Lande colours, materials and finishes   


Metal is one of the strongest base materials. One advantage of steel as a material is that it is fully recyclable, making its CO2 footprint very small. Our stock of metal is of western European origin and comes with a material certificate as standard – an official inspection document detailing the properties of the metal.

Powder coating

Powder coating is specifically designed to prevent corrosion (rusting) or scratches. It is an electrostatic process, during which we apply powder to metal. Next, the powder particles are hardened in the furnace to form an attractive, durable, protective coating. This environmentally friendly coating is within all the relevant thresholds. No volatile organic compounds are released during powder coating, and the process does not involve the use of chemical additives. This process is also zero-waste, as we use a recycling installation.


The wood we use at Lande is sourced from PEFC and FSC-certified timber suppliers. An FSC label on a wood or paper product guarantees that the product has been sourced from sustainably managed forests or contributes to sustainable forest management. As a company, we are PEFC-certified. PEFC is a label that guarantees that the wood or paper a consumer purchases has been sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Veneer is a thin layer that we carefully apply to our panels. As the veneer layer is real wood, it is often indistinguishable from solid wood. Since wood is a natural product, and is always unique, no two sheets of veneer look the same. When making our furniture, we always ensure a good match between the veneer sheets we use.



MDF panels are engineered from small, compressed wood fibres using resin as a binding agent. MDF is an environmentally friendly product, as we use compressed waste wood to produce it. The MDF in our collection is available blank or fully coated. We also have coloured MDF in six shades, which we finish with a layer of transparent coating.

Oil and stain

Wood oil is transparent and soaks into the wood, preserving its natural beauty. It leaves a matte finish and brings out the grain. Staining wood protects it against external aggressors. This is because stain penetrates deep into the wood, and its moisture-regulating effect lets moisture out without letting it back in. In our range, we use coloured stains. We always follow this with a transparent layer of coating, to create a protective, hard top layer

Spray coating

Spray coating is a technique for applying a liquid coating to a product. At Lande, this is done by hand so that we can customize each formulation. As well as being more sustainable and more efficient than using a machine, it also makes for unbeatable quality. Spray coating enables us to apply one or more layers to protect the material.


Lande offers various types of upholstery fabrics, imitation leather, and real leather. The high quality of our upholstery fabrics is apparent from the material, the weave of the fabric, the patterns, and the unique colours. Our colours stay vibrant for longer and really stand the test of time. Our fabrics are tested for flame retardancy according the latest standards. In addition, various fabrics comply with extremely rigorous hygiene requirements. These are made from substances such as treated polyester, and have inherent antibacterial properties. So, just like imitation leather, they are easy to clean and disinfect with a chlorine solution.


Our moulded foam is extremely resilient and offers exceptional ventilation and comfort. Moulded foam is foam that has been shaped in a mould. At Lande, we produce this ourselves, so that we can maintain consistently high quality. We are the only manufacturer in Europe who does this. Being made of two components, our moulded foam is strong and lends itself perfectly to organic shapes.

Cold foam is made from Polyurethane and is also known as High Resilience (HR) foam. Cold foam is a resilient foam comprised of networks of small, three-dimensional cells that resemble a honeycomb structure. This honeycomb structure is what gives cold foam its resilient, moisture and temperature-regulating qualities.


Remove dirt with a little water, neutral soap, and a sponge. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly, preferably with a soft, dry cloth. Only use a damp cloth to rub off more ingrained dirt. Avoid aggressive cleaning and abrasive agents. Natural soap is ideal for cleaning wood, as it restores oils.