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House of fun

Need inspiration to kick-start your project development process? We’d be happy to help. Working together, we’re sur to find the best solution: whether that’s a useful stool or a modular sofa. We have a keen eye for what a space needs. The ideal work environment has space for presentations, concentration, discussion, meetings, brainstorming, relaxation, working, and hospitality. 

You want a space that can quickly be switched around to suit your varying needs. We’d be happy to help you achieve this. In our factories in Schijndel, Belgium, and Turkey, we produce a broad collection with an outstanding range of finishing options. Our collection is renowned for its premium quality, craftsmanship, durability, and sustainability. Discover our projects that we have realized in our video House of fun!



Professionals have access to the Lande 3D models and configurations in DWG format in the pCon.catalog and can directly add them to their design in pCon.planner. You can design in 3D spaces and plan layouts with photo-realistic visualisations.

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This is a period of resetting, including at workplaces which, by their very nature, are all about people coming together. We share a number of inspiring settings in our whitepapers. How do you create an inviting work environment, where people come together as they always have, that are a melting pot of creativity, and where everybody feels comfortable?


Sample book

Our sample book helps you choose from the wide range of finishing options for our collection of contract furniture. If you'd like a copy, request one now from


Lande is actively working toward a sustainable future. This aim permeates everything we do, each and every day. We produce our entire collection ourselves using only high-quality materials.

Be inspired

We would love to see you at our showroom in Schijndel. Come and be inspired by our settings for concentration, dialogue, presentations, meetings, brainstorming, productivity, play, and hospitality.