Rondo Suono

Rondo Suono booth

Acoustic telephone booth, call box

Rondo Suono

With this acoustic telephone booth for the office, you can make calls or conference call in private. The Rondo Longo call box enables you to make calls in an open-plan office without being bothered by noise, just like making calls in a telephone booth. Change the dynamics of your surroundings in one easy step. Go from noise to peace and quiet in this acoustic telephone booth. Even with the New Way of Working, people still need a place where they can make conference calls and make telephone calls without having to deal with background noise. The Rondo Longo provides that place.


Furnishing an open-plan office


With the Rondo Quatro you can arrange an open-plan office or space to meet individual tastes. Without breaking up the openness of a shared space. This call box can be upholstered in any fabric.



Suono 1 and 2

The Rondo Suono is available in 2 different sizes: the Rondo Suono 1 (102 cm width) and Suono 2 (192 cm with) for two individuals. Height: 220 cm.


Standard equipped with a corner shelf of 30x43cm (Suono 1) or a standing table 46x74 cm (Suono 2). Pillar of the standing table in a standard powder-coat color structure. Diameter footplate ΓΈ40cm. Design sheets: standard laminate A top layer (laminate B at extra cost) or 25 mm solid oak in standard Lande oil finish.

Optionally an electrification beam in solid oak with 1-spot electrification (Suono 1) or 3-spot electrification (Suono 2).


Rondo is equipped with a steel plinth which is powder coated in P57 (gray Ral 7021 structure) or P53 (tele gray Ral 7047 structure).


Models with a height of 220 cm (H4) are provided at the top with solid wooden beams in a standard oil finish. These are placed crosswise.


Rondo can in principle be upholstered in any fabric.

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