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Modulaire kastensysteem Fundamentals


Multifunctional cabinet system

Modulaire kastensysteem Fundamentals

It is easy to choose with the Fundamentals presets. Fundamentals is a multi-flexible and multi-functional cabinet system. As timeless as it is striking. Let your creativity run free. With the presets you have many proposed choices in format, number of compartments, doors, shelves and functional built-in elements.

Fun Elements
The Fun Elements from Fundamentals are functional built-in elements, which makes it possible to have one or more functionalities. You can choose from the following parts: panel with wardrobe hooks, panel for a presentation screen, magnetic whiteboard, cork board, upholstered pinboard and panel with paper roll. With the Fun Elements you create a personal cupboard system that fits perfectly into your setting and vision.



Fundamentals Basic
Basic cabinet preset.

Fundamentals Basic Flex
Fixed presets with two options per cabinet.

Fundamentals Fun with 3 options:

Fundamentals Wardrobe
Includes panel with wardrobe hooks. Equipped with 11 coat hooks in a structure powder coat color.

Fundamentals Brainstorm
Including magnetic whiteboard, corkboard (natural), upholstered pinboard
(Camira Blazer) or panel with paper roll. If a Fundamentals Fun cabinet preset is used as a roomdivder, it can also be combined with these functional elements on the back (at an additional cost).

Fundamentals Presentation
Includes panel for a presentation screen. Presentation wall equipped with
1x power and 1x HDMI / USB connection. Including cable entry at the bottom center.

Core: 18mm chipboard
Top layer: melamine
Edge finishing: ABS
For melamine and ABS you can choose from the uni colors (L52 to L68). Dimensions may vary slightly.

Frame and other metal parts
Frame in structure powder coat. All other metal parts are given this powder coat color within the cabinet preset. This includes handles, hinges, coat hooks, insert panels and paper holder.

Basic element with insert panels
Insert panels single-sided (front cabinet only) or double-sided (front and rear of the cabinet). The insert panels can be chosen from metal in a structure powder coat color, which is the same as the color of the base. Or can be executed as an upholstered panel in Camira Blazer. For colors Camira Blazer, see The insert panels are the same for the entire cabinet preset in material and color.

Basic element with shelves
Shelf in 18 mm MDF with oak veneer. Equipped with an oil finish.
It is predetermined which compartments are fitted with shelves. These boxes are always higher than 30cm. All oak shelves within a cupboard preset are given one oil color.

18mm chipboard with melamine with ABS edge finish or in 18mm MDF with oak veneer top layer and edges with oil finish. You can choose one color for the doors per cabinet preset. Behind the doors are shelves in 18mm MDF with oak veneer with an oil finish. It is predetermined which compartments are fitted with shelves and doors. All shelves and doors in oak veneer within a cupboard preset are given one oil color. The veneer direction on the doors is always vertical. Handles and hinges will be finished in the same structure powder coat color as the base.

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