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In our own factories in Schijndel, Belgium, and Turkey, we produce everything exactly as you envisage it. Sustainably, with the utmost care, and a meticulous eye for detail. Our collection is almost limitless, with a vast number of finishing options. We go to great lengths to get everything just right and excel at customization.

Drawing on many years of experience, along with internal training, our upholsterers, welders, woodworkers, and sewers have a real affinity for their work – they deliver premium craftsmanship. They are specialists in six production processes: upholstering, woodworking, metalworking, powder coating, spray coating, and foam moulding.


Perfect upholstery is the result of a combination of fabric, furniture, and craftsmanship. Fabrics and leathers all behave differently, and each product requires a particular upholstery solution. Leave it to our experts!


Lande has a large woodworking department that produces stunning tables, cupboards, and reception desks and counters. We have highly skilled experts in every aspect of woodworking: sawing, milling, laminating, veneering, and coating.


Our Schijndel factory can handle all kinds of metalworking, whether involving bars, profile sheets, extruded metal, or sheet metal. We use our state-of-the-art bending robot to bend solid bars and square profiles into whatever shape you need. No waste is created, as we buy only what we need. Once it has been formed, a robot arm places the piece on to a conveyor belt that transports it to the next stage of the machining process, such as welding by our experts. When welding series, we use the welding robot. As it's computer-controlled, we can guarantee constant quality. Some models are too delicate or complex for the robot, and these frames receive the special attention of our experts.

Powder coating

We use two techniques to finish metal parts and furniture: chrome plating or powder coating. As a finish, powder coating is far kinder to the environment than chrome and is suited to myriad different colours and structures. Powder coating takes place on our own powder coating line. This is a completely isolated system and has a recycling installation that meets the latest environmental requirements. After being cleaned, the furniture is mechanically sprayed with a layer of coloured powder. Next, our experts spray the areas that the machine's nozzles struggle to reach. After this, the furniture or component goes into the furnace, to emerge with a beautiful, durable finishing coat.

Spray coating

In our dustless spraying booths, our spray coating specialist professionally applies coatings and stains to the wooden components of our furniture. Oils or coloured spray coats can also be applied, and we can even mix our own colours. These coatings further prolong the life of our furniture.

Moulded foams

The foam components of our sofas and chairs are made in our own moulded foam production facility. We use unique moulds which bring together the two components that form the soft foam used in the seats of our furniture. Our experts then apply flawless finishing options.